29 setembro 2018

Happiness is Close!

Hi dear Readers

Today I have BIG news! I was invited to participate as a digital scrapbooking designer at The Studio = Digital Scrapbooking Studio! Today is the great debut. It was 3 weeks of hard work, but it was worth because this store is wonderful and opens many doors for a new circle of friendship with designers and scrappers. For the inauguration I made a kit inspired by the colors of autumn. All items in this kit are digital and mimic real items. Many other elements of the kit are painted or drawn by hand by me. And also have the backgrounds that are digital papers that I created by imitating a real painting. The art doll is my pencil drawing converted into digital art.

"Happiness is very close: just see, enjoy and feel" is one of the inspiring quotes included in my brand-new collection.
See bold colors, enjoy the season and feel nature at its best!

Bold Autumn Full Collection
Visit my new store at this link https://goo.gl/uDbeSY

That's ME!! I did this layout with one of my newest pictures.
More layouts that I did:

 My friend Marilú did these two here below

 And here my other layouts:

And here is also a Free Coordinated Pack - only for limited time!
Click on the image below to be redirected to Digital Scrapbooking Store and get this precious freebie!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Um comentário:

cully disse...

I am so happy for you. Before you, I could never make a paper. Your products taught me how to get started. And they gave me more confidence. Most of all I love the Soft Art 9 Action. I loved it so much that I bought it twice when I had computer problems and lost it! Your work, your products makes every designer using them look better!

So again I say congratulations! Your design work is the best!

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