04 junho 2017

Photo to Watercolor Painting Tip

Hi, dear readers.
Olá minhas amigas leitoras!

I am back! Let's take the dust off my blog with wonderful inspiration, ideas and new techniques!

I'm excited to share with you my new SoftArt background paper action! Fascination Watercolor

With only one image you can achieve dozen of different papers coordinating with your color palette. Play part one in order to set the colors of your choice. 

Play part two as many times as you want. Each time a different effect and color will show up. Add other brushes to create unique work! Very easy to create beautiful watercolor effects! 

EXCLUSIVE at CuDigitals! 

Se vc gosta do efeito pintura na foto, aqui tenho uma dica de um programa comprado. É uma solução bem simples para quem procura um efeito rápido, sem muito trabalho.
Além disso eu gosto de usar a minha action - Photo Doing Art - antes de tudo para criar um fundo bem criativo e soft, mas também pode-se usar recursos do Photoshop.

Minha amiga/ aluna Marilú fez um teste com essa action da Belle Fleur e não usamos nada além da própria action da Belle Fleur e a textura que vem junto.

a foto original:

O passo a passo em inglês aqui abaixo:

Today I have a tip, converting photo to watercolor painting in Photoshop using an action from Belle Fleur Textures. It is not easy to find a good tutorial doing this. Many are free and you can try it (as I already did.) But this one I found good, and recommend, even this is a paid one. You can buy it here

Open your image (or save this image here below)

Open Photoshop and cut the image to you choice. See my cut below and I added some interesting color paint drops with my brushes. DUPLICATE LAYER.

Then choose Blur - Gaussian Blur to give the photo a blurred effect. 

Put the cats back in a new layer back, using layer mask and with a soft brush show the cats by erasing the original background..

Then I used a wonderful tutorial with action, from Belle Fleur Textures. She has all what you need inside this pack. Comes with a wonderful texture.

Important: I'm not affiliate partner or earning anything giving you this tip. Yesterday I bought this tutorial and found that is pretty easy to create basic watercolor effect. Not for big images or fine art, but it is very basic to do a good work.

This here is my final image, save it if you like it!

Thanks for reading and 
Happy Scrapping!


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