03 maio 2010

Watercolor course!! Wow!!

This is a very short post - but I want to share this with you: Fatima (aka fafbr - my scrap friend) and I are taking watercolor painting lessons with Karen Bonaker at Digital Art Academy with ArtRage software.

Wow, that is so interesting, I never thought that we could get such beautiful results with ArtRage!! I really recommend!

Today we are in our second week (from a total of 4 weeks), and each week we have assignments and live webinars meetings.

My assignment nr 2:
Here is Fatimas assignment nr 1 (isn't this a wonderful painting??!!):

My first assignment was this fish here:

Happy scrapping and paintings (LOL)!!!


5 comentários:

Lime disse...

Good Lord, those are gorgeous...tell us more! What version of Art Rage is my main question, because these are GORGEOUS! They have pro and Studio versions.

Lime disse...

Nevermind - I saw the Pro version on the syllabus instructions.

You ought to put these up in the Art Rage Studio Gallery....they would be THE BEST images in there as far as I can see (which isn't all that far because I didn't want to register, but still -- these would spruse up the place.

Lígia Orsati disse...

superrrrr divino!!
amei a novidade!
parabéns pelas conquistas..

beijo grande

Anônimo disse...

All very lovely!

BlueCat disse...

Very nice results with ArtRage.

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