16 maio 2010

Art Rage Stencils and free vintage ephemera links

Hi dear readers:
I love the vintage look in scrapbooking, and I tried to make a stencil in Art Rage with a bird illustration. The result was so beautiful, that I want to share this here:

To create a stencil it is not difficult. Simple click on stencils and add a new group with your name, then choose import stencil and choose any image from your folders. Black and white illustrations work very well and you have to leave a big white frame border in order to achieve good results.

Please comment, if you like my tips! I love so much to receive comments. That moves me to going on and share interesting tips and tutorials with you!

Today I received a comment from Susie Jefferson and I decided to visit her blog to leave her a thank you and.... - wohooo - how lucky I was - I found a wonderful and generous vintage ephemera world with so much inspiration, that I almost forgot about family and everything, and spend hours navigating. She has some good techniques, very interesting tips and freebies:
And here I foundanother wonderful and generous site of The Graphics Fairy where you will find inspirations, blog wears and vintage freebies:
Thank you, ladies - for so great sharing!

One of the wonderful things that I found also was these cute cones, so inspirational, here at pineyrose
have a nice day, and a wonderful week and ...

... happy scrapping!


5 comentários:

Susie Jefferson disse...

Hi Silke - Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment - and thank you again for mentioning my blog in your post! It's very much appreciated.

I love what you've done today, making the stencil - but I have a nasty feeling this can't be done in photoshop...

Lígia Orsati disse...

Uia... muitos progressos por aí hein?!.. adorei! o blog da Susie também é mto legal!



Susan disse...

Yes please keep sharing! I have art rage, but an intimidated. I've done a few things with it, but know I've not begun to explore its potential!

Celia Costa ( Celly) disse...

Que super dicas Silke, ainda não tentei explorar esse programa !
E que lindas dicas de blogs vintage, já estão nos meus favoritos !
Saudades viu ?
Beijo grandeeee !

Lily melba disse...

Hello..I have just purchased artrage...got so much to learn, but i think it is going to be a good adventure...wow I love your birds.

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