26 maio 2010

So, you wann be a Digital Scrapbooking Designer?

Hi, my dear and loyal readers.

If you want to become a good digi scrap designer, you have to work hard. Offering good quality, being creative and also being constant is very important. Having this in mind, you can start!!

The Tools:
You need an image editor, and I suggest Photoshop. And to create swirls and floral design, I love to use the Illustrator (vector editing program).
A good digital Camera to take high quality photos and a scanner.
I use my Nikon Coolpix 8800 that has a good macro to take great photos of small elements.

The Support:
There are many scrapbooking sites where you can find tutorials and designer tips. I will recommend you here 2 places that I like and know the people that teach there:
Designer Lounge at Digidesignresort
Amanda Rockwell at Scrapartist

The First Kit:
If you want to create a first kit, then first think about a theme and the colors. Flickr is a great inspirational resource.
Make the elements by yourself!
Go to the market and buy some real flowers to extract!

hello!! here am I at my home in São Paulo, sending my readers a flower hug!!

And extract these flowers in order to add them to your designer stash. You can also recolor the flower.... like my example below. At Digidesignresort you will find a sample video on how to do this. And this background paper I did with my soft art paper action that I sell also at Digidesignresort.

Find paper and cut it out, fold, wave and create paper flowers. The best color for me is pink - that is an easy color to recolor the element in Phothoshop after extracting it!

You can also visit creative scrapbooking sites where you will find wonderful inspirations by creating hand made flowers, tags and other stuff, like here:
or here:
and here

or watch these videos here:
Scalloped Fold Flower

Rose Paper Flower

Here is another example:

I wish you a nice day and happy scrappings!
Thanks for coming by!


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CraftCrave disse...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [26 May 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Stacy Olson disse...

I just got this great digital scrapbooking kit. I wanted to share this with every other scrapbook lover out there. I posted the link enjoy everyone


Martoca Designs disse...

Olá, Silke! Sempre estou passando por aqui e, como sempre, seu blog está recheado! Parabéns! Observei o layout do seu blog e quero te perguntar como faço pra que o background do meu blog também fique ao longo de toda a tela. Que comando usar? O meu template é de 1280 X 1024. Me ajuda, Silke! Bjs

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