19 julho 2009

NDISB Freebie

Hi, my dear readers!!

I'm new designer at NDISB and I'm very proud of it.
July is a vacation month and I have been away from the PC and stayed outside, traveling with my family. So I didn't participate so much as I want in the forum, but I intend to bring you in future many news from this wonderful store/ forum. It's a great place and I recommend it!

If you lost the opportunity to get my freebie from the prior post, go over to my shop at NDISB an grab it there!! It's free!

3 comentários:

Martoca Designs disse...

Muito obrigada, Silke!

Martoca Designs disse...

Ah! Sua loja lá na ndisb.com tá porreta! Não resisti ao "Coordinated Curves and Strings-CU"... Usarei muuuuiiiito! Parabéns!

Anônimo disse...

Gorgeous! Thank you!

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