27 julho 2009

Advertising Tips for Digital Scrapbook Designers

Hi, girls!!
Are you a digi scrap designer and use to be very busy designing kits and products to sell? And you used to send out tons of emails to many Yahoo Groups to advertise??
And nobody comes to see what you did??!!!

That's me also!! It's such a hard work to become a known designer in the community!!!
Creating and not promoting is really a waste of our so precious time!!! So I decided to put down my pen tablet a little bit and went through the web with my mouse to search for advertising options and I want to share with you here what I have found:

TOP Sites Banners

The Scrap Crackle Pop is a new digital scrapbook Directory and Search Engine! You have to add your site (for free) there!!!

Go there an ad your banner and name to the scrapbook directory!! So anybody can find you!!!

The Daily Scrappers Top Sites!!
To be ranked and also to show up your name and logo (for FREE), I recommend you to add your site and site banner (for free) to the top sites section and you will get an code to put the hit count banner here at your blog/ or site, like mine here:

The Daily Scrapper - Topsites

Also the same site has the THE DAILY SCRAPPER ISSUE with news and wonderful designers interviews and also a free Kit to download and many other stuff, and you can also advertise there:

The Daily Scrapper has also another section, a great Scrappers Mosaic, with stores and designers logos, and announcements that involved the digi community. This is the

Add your logo and link, with promotions and news, it's not too expensive, sign up for 6 months and reserve you place at the sun!! Think: you deserve it!!!

More top scrapbooking sites. Here:

Promos4DigiScrappers Top 50

Applying for Promos4DigiScrappers Commercial Membership is free and doing so, you will have posting privileges in the Advertising Gallery and access to a Commercial Members private forum where Promos4DigiScrappers hosted advertising projects will be posted.

FORUMS - Product Gallery
The contact and info exchanges between designers is very important, and you can go to forums, that allow designers also to post previews of their stuff in the product gallery.

Like DST - DigiShopTalk one of the biggest scrapbooking community:
To add your products during one year pay a very low fee (10 dollars)!
and here is also DIGI Town Square - with a free product gallery:

And DigiScrapAddicts
1 Year subscription to post in the New Products Forum and Gallery costs 50 dollars!!

So, my dear readers, you can find much more on the internet. And you can contribute with this post here by commenting what you have found to promote our products! I'll will add them here also!!

thanks for visiting my blog!


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Debora disse...

Oi Silke!!
Muito obrigada pelas dicas maravilhosas!! Vc é muito fofa!!! Um beijo!

Debora Pas

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