07 novembro 2012

Photoshop Tutorial Inner Shadow and MyMemories Winner

Hi all!
I love to add to my digital scrapbooking kits some cute elements! Sometimes I draw them by myself or other times I bought them from other designers like ThatGirl, at SugarHillCo. This little drawing here below is a modified version from my Flying Toys, Commercial Use,  that I sell at here at Digidesignresort 

How to add Inner Shadow Style and Color

If you had some difficult to understand how to add the layer style effect "inner shadow" to the template parts in my earlier post, let me show you the visual explanation:

Go to the layer palettes and then double click on the layer and the layer style window will show up.

 This inner shadow layer style you can copy and past to next layer in a very easy way: with the right mouse click on the small icon on the right side with a fx icon. Choose copy layer style and then go to the next layer and using the same process, with right mouse button, click on fx icon, paste the layer style. This way you only have to adjust the color and the size of the inner shadow, in order to fit it to your object.

How to change the color of the inner shadow

Blend Mode: choose Multiply and then click on the small color icon (here it is green) and with the eyedropper tool point to the color of your object and then make it darker in the color option window.

Remember: small objects, use small size, bigger objects, use larger size. Angle: normally is 120. Some designers love to change the direction of the light, but you have to do this for all elements!!!

If you are happy with your layer style, you have also the option to save it, in order to use it later on other tasks.
To save it, simple click on New Style (se image above) and then name it and save it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!! LOL 

My Memories software Suit Winner:

First and bevor I tell you who is the lucky person that won the software, I want to say that I sometimes are very sad with those people that comes to the blog, and did not do a one-minute stop (or less) to comment! Even if I ask! I had more the 800 page-views and only 10 (!!!)  comments.

So nobody wants to win this fabulous software?? I cannot believe!!!  I spent hours of my time sitting here and telling you secrets of techniques that I already know, and that I share with you with love...

This software is a shortcut to do fabulous digital scrapbooking Photobooks and Layouts. It is also a great way to make a video presentation of all your layouts/ photos. On My Memories site you will found helpful video tutorials, ton of freebies to test the program and many many wonderful designs to create hybrid gifts or other compositions.

I will show you my last Photobook that I created for MyMemories. If you have the software, you only need to load it, add photos and send it to print (ther is also a free print promo). Suggestion: This is a very special gift that you can do for your relatives!!

See this Photobook here

To coordinate with this Photobook I did a complete collection, that I called Andrea, and you can find it at DDR ou at MM.
Andrea Alpha:

 Andrea Papers

 Andrea Quick Pages

My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software details see here


$39.97 USD - get $10 off - use my code!

Participants of the drawing:

1- Dree Getz
2- Momma Laura
3- Ephémere
4- Bev
5- GinaT
6- Kristie
7- Ann
8- Happy Screen

And here is the winner:

Kristie, I will write you to receive the prize! Congrats!

Happy Scrappings and have a nice November!!


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