30 abril 2010

Happy (i)NSD

sorry for not posting every week here, as I would love to do!!!
I have so much to tell you and I have so much tips that I want to share with you, but you have to wait a little bit....
I found the Digital Art Academy where I'm participating with 2 online courses. Wowoowww!! They are so great!! Its a watercolor course. Digital watercolor... you cannot believe that they look so real with ArtRage!!! and the other is also digital painting with Corel Painter. wow. I love my PS and also immediately felt in love with Painter!!!
So I hope that you will understand my absence and please come back again to see what secrets I have to share with you!!!

And for the (i) NSD I'm going to give my new product for free for 5 days... hurry and catch it while you can!!!

eu fiz um produto novo e coloquei como free por 5 dias para festejar o dia internacional do Scrapbooking na HM Scrap Shop.

Também tenho outro freebie na minha loja CU 4 YOU e tenho certeza de que esse também vai agradar!
Desejo a todos um excelente final de semana e passear pelas lojas de scrap é um programão, uma vez que tem muiiiiiita promoção e oferta de freebies!

Happy Scrapping!! Bom Scrap!!


3 comentários:

Susan disse...

Silke, I can't seem to find the link...

I'm so envious of your course. I want to hear more! Love what I'm seeing!

Silke - Papierstudio disse...

sorry, Susan
google chrome is so annoying to make blogger posts. Now is fixed.
Thanks for your comment!!


Anônimo disse...

Thank you!

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