22 agosto 2009

How to make quality check on elements

Hi, People!! I'm here to answer a question to a new designer.
She wants to know how to do the quality check on her elements!

when I finish an element, I always check if it has hidden strays or pixels that our eye cannot see. When the customer is going to do the layout, on shadowing the element, she will blame you!!

Here is the element, apparently clean (but it has hidden strays)

Now you add shadow, all pixels will get the darker shadow, and also the hidden ones:
How to avoid this, is very easy, using Photoshop:
On the layer palette - double click to open the layer styles and than click on the Stroke option.

Set the stroke to any number above 5.

your element will look like here below:
Now you have to clean it with the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Make sure you are working with a very high zoom(minimum 100% up to 300%) in order to get better selected areas.
Now hit delete and go ahead until you are done with the whole areas. When you are finished, don't forget to delete the stroke and save your element.

Happy scrapping


3 comentários:

Martoca Designs disse...

Obrigada pelo post... Esclarecedor e útil! Beijos

Faba disse...

Thank you so much Silke...this is perfekt fpr me to clean the Stroy Pixels:)

Rafael disse...

Olá, sou nova por aqui, estava procurando algo sobre scrapbook digital e achei sua pagina, amei! Não sei nada sobre designer e graficos, mas amo imaagens então estou buscando conhecimento. Queria agradecer sua dedicação nesse blog. Obrigada!
Gisele Gasparini

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