09 julho 2018

New Impasto Artist PS Action and a Freebie

Hi all

I have a new IMPASTO ARTIST Soft Art Photoshop ACTION Nr. 12
Give your Digital Art 3D depth with the Impasto Painting Action that I developed! Tutorial is included. Please note: Photoshop CS 2 and up!!!

Exclusive at CuDigitals  My Shop is 35% off until July 19

Convert any Photo or Image (in any size or resolution) into a
high resolution Artsy Paper with this action!

And you can get this FUCHSIA ARTIST PAPER for FREE until July 15! 
Please note that you have to register in order to get the free product.

My newest products. My shop is 35% off until July 19. 
PapierStudio PU exclusive at MyMemories 
PapierStudio CU Products exclusive at CuDigitals 

Gesso Cardboard Overlays

 Artsy Impasto Paper Overlays
 Sample Paper here below:

And if you love to draw digitally or paint like me - I can tell you that the Software that I like to use is Autodesk SketchBook Pro, and now it is FREE! Give it a try!! here: https://www.sketchbook.com/

Happy Scrappings!

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