11 setembro 2012

Featured, free Templete and Mask Tutorial

Hi All,
I am happy to be the Featured Designer of the week at MyMemories! Wow!!
If you hop over to MM's blog and post a comment you will be entered to win one of 3 giveaways (25.00) to my store. Don't miss that!!

Many products with special discounts and some are free, go and hunt them!! The products at MyMemories are software(*) compatible and also come in a "normal" version, like all scrapbooking products are.
(*) MyMemories Suite see my further post about  here 

Does anyone see the Frog??? 
When I saw both layouts (here below) from Elaine I kept looking at them, admiring each detail and it took a while to see the frog in one of them ... but finally I found it ... LOL - she is so creative, I love her compositions!!

Let see if you find it - leave a comment!!

These layouts are from my dear CT Elaine (aka emst)  and she did them with my newest kits "In The Nature 1 and 2". You will find these kits here at DDR or here at MM.

And here below is my layout:

For this layout here above I used the TEMPLATE that I did for DDR's September template challenge! Here are more inspirations from Elaine (visit her gallery here) and Shari (visit her gallery here):

You can get the template for free at DDR's Challenge forum,
remember to login in order to see the images.

Tutorial on how to add a photo to a mask and fix overlapping unwanted black edges/areas with the clone tool:

The MASK is also included in the template above, a very special gift !!!
Here is a little trick to add a photo to the mask and adapting the edges to avoid black left overs around.

Step by step
1- Open a new document, add the mask in the lower layer and the photo in the layer above.
2- Clip the photo to the mask layer below (use ctrl+G) 

 3- Pick the clone tool. Be sure to select the top layer.

 4- Hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) and the pointer appears as target crosshairs. Click once to set the area to define as your sampling point. Release the Alt or Option key.
5- Use a round hard brush to paint the content of this area in the black parts of your image layer.

Ready! Easy, huh??

I am Back at CU4YOU
I am also happy to announce that I am back at CU4You -Store.

Have a great week and happy scrappings!!


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